Mount Riga

Mount Riga

Rigi (German Rigi) is a mountain range in central Switzerland, belongs to the Alps. Riga is located between the Zug and Lucerne lakes, on the border of the cantons of Lucerne and Schwyz. The nearest large settlements (located at the foot of the mountain) are Goldau and Vitznau. Height – 1797 m above sea level. There are several small villages and detached hamlets on the slopes.

Riga is popular with tourists. There are numerous walking routes along the slopes of the mountain, along which you can get from the foot to the top of the mountain. The hotel is located on the top of the mountain. In winter they ski on the slopes of Riga.

Two mountain railways lead to the top of the mountain:
From Vitznau: Vitznau-Rigi-Bahn. This railway is considered the oldest mountain railway in Europe, it was opened on May 21, 1871.
From Goldau: Arth-Rigi-Bahn. This railway was opened on June 4, 1875. In 1907, it became the first electrified mountain railway in the world.

The Luftseilbahn Weggis – Rigi Kaltbad (LWRK) cable car runs from Weggis to the mountain, opened in 1968.

Both railways and the cable car are operated by Rigi Bahnen AG.

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