Wollman Rink is the largest skating rink in Central Park in New York, one of the most famous ice rinks in the world.


Built in 1950 by order of the head of New York’s parks, Robert Moses, thanks to the support of philanthropist Kate Wallman, who donated 600 thousand dollars for the construction in memory of her parents – J. Wallman and his wife Betty – and four brothers. The first skaters took to the ice in December 1950.

The discovery of Wallman-Rink opened a new page in the development of ice sports in the city, now independent of the constancy of weather conditions. According to the Park’s advertising department, the skating rink now guaranteed safe skating throughout the winter. The skating rink, which overlooked Manhattan, became popular from the very beginning, and during the first year of operation, about 300 thousand skiers took to the ice.

In the summer season, the skating rink was a concert venue, where summer music festivals were held since 1966 (from 1968 to 1976 – Schaefer Music Festival (English) Russian). Massive summer events led to a deterioration in the condition of the complex and the adjacent park area. As a result, festivals on the territory of the skating rink were discontinued, and the structure itself was put under repair, which began in 1980. The $ 9 million estimate was soon exceeded and the work dragged on for much longer than the planned 2.5 years. In May 1986, Donald Trump was awarded a contract to complete the renovation. After the completion of the renovation, the skating rink is under the control of the Trump Organization and in the summer its territory is used to house children’s amusement parks.

General information

Wallman-Rink operates in winter from October to March. The ice rink covers three quarters of an acre (2600 m²) of ice surface.

The main entrance is 5 minutes walk from the South entrance to the Park near the intersection of 59th Street and 6th Avenue. The skating rink is open daily from 10 am. The skating rink has an ice skating school that operates seven days a week and accepts students of all ages. The ice stadium also hosts hockey games and synchronized figure skating. The rink has a fast food restaurant.

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