The Pyrenees mountain system is small in length, but one of the most inaccessible in Europe. It stretches across several countries, separating the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe. The Catalan Pyrenees are especially popular with tourists. Crystal mountain rivers, turquoise lakes against the background of delicate opal peaks attract lovers of silence and unity with nature. Small picturesque mountain villages, ancient castles and majestic churches introduce travelers to life in a paradise on earth.

Where are the Pyrenees

The mountain system is located between the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean Sea. It stretches across Spain, France and the principality of Andorra. The length of the Pyrenees Mountains is about 450 km. The Catalan Pyrenees are located in northern Spain and border France.


The height of the Pyrenees mountains is about 3 thousand meters. In the west, the mountain ranges are higher, in the east they are lower. The highest point of the Pyrenees is Aneto Peak, which is located in Spain. Its height is 3404 m.

The Pyrenees Mountains in Spain and France are the largest nature reserves in Europe. It consists of two parts: the Ordesa y Monte Perdido in Spain and the Pyrenees in France.

Attractions in Catalan Pyrenees

There are seven protected areas in the Spanish mountains: two national parks of the Pyrenees and five natural parks. This is a true paradise for travelers. In the mountains there are routes for cycling and hiking, as well as comfortable recreation areas. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are centers for snowboarding, rock climbing, canyoning, and windsuting. If you are not a supporter of difficult ascents, choose a trip to the Pyrenees reserve by car. A trip by car will leave an unforgettable experience of the beauty of rocky mountains, mirror lakes, flowering meadows and pine groves.

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