“Miniature Alps”, as they say about the Tatras, because they are in no way inferior to the Alps, except for the area. The most beautiful mountain landscapes, air and excellent opportunities for tourism – all this is about the Tatras.

Where are the Tatras

Tatry is a mountain range of the Carpathians, which stretches along the border of Poland and Slovakia for many kilometers. Mount Gerlahovski Shtit – the highest point of the Tatras, is located in Slovakia. The highest point in Poland is the Rysy mountain peak.

In 1993, the Tatras were included in the UNESCO list of biosphere reserves.



The Tatras are beautiful at any time of the year, the climate here is similar to the Alpine one. From mid-autumn to the end of March, the snow-capped peaks welcome amateurs and professionals alike. In warmer months, people come here for eco-tourism and cycling.

Tatras in winter

From the second half of October in the Tatras, the thermometer can drop below 0 oC. Winter rightfully comes into its own in November and lasts until March – early April. Temperatures rarely drop below -10 ° C. Of course, this does not apply to the temperature at the tops, there can be up to -40 ° C. The coldest winter month in the Tatras is February. The snow cover remains here for five months. However, due to the frequent descent of avalanches, it is dangerous in some regions.

Spring in the Tatras

The Tatras are incredibly beautiful in spring – the slopes of the mountains are covered with a colored carpet and it seems that this land is not so harsh. Some of the very first spring plants are crocuses and powdery primrose. Purple flowers against the backdrop of the mountain slopes are the most recognizable landscape.


In summer, the Tatras are filled with active tourists, who take numerous hiking and cycling routes, as well as rafting on mountain rivers. The weather in summer is comfortable, sometimes it rains, the temperature ranges from + 21 … + 26 oC, in July it can be up to + 30 oC.

Tatras in autumn

The Tatras turn red in autumn, the mountain air is felt especially sharply. Autumn is short and bright here, in September the average daily temperature is +17 ° C, and in early October it drops to +10 ° C. The Tatras are gradually preparing to welcome tourists to their ski resorts.

Tatras in Slovakia

¾ Tatra Square is located in Slovakia. The mountain range is divided into the High, Belianske and Western Tatras.

High Tatras

The High Tatras are a key attraction in Slovakia. Every year, about 5 million tourists come here to personally enjoy the local beauty. This region offers both active and wellness holidays. The most popular resorts are Tatranska Lomnica and Strbske Pleso.

Among the attractions of the High Tatras in Slovakia, it is worth noting the Lomnický Štit, the Museum of the Tatra National Park, the Štrbske Pleso lake.

And also many events are held here:
dog sled race in February and dog show;
the ice figure festival in January;
humorous carnival of skiers on April 1;
festival – exhibition “Flowers of the Tatras” in September;
festival “Bear Days” – fun games for children and parents;
festival “Symphony night” for connoisseurs of classical music at the end of July.

Western Tatras

Also on the territory of Slovakia are the Western Tatras, their highest peak is Bistra (2248 m). One part is located in the Liptov region of the country, the other passes through the territory of Poland. The Western Tatras are divided into 6 regions: Sivy Vrh, Rohace, Cerveni Vrhy, Osovita, Liptovské Kopy and Liptovské Tatras. In winter, as elsewhere in the Tatras, people go skiing here, and in summer they go hiking.

Belianske Tatry

The Belianske Tatras are located in the direction from east to west, in the transverse direction of the eastern arc of the main ridge of the High Tatras. The limestone and dolomite walls of the main ridge reach their height in the “Rocky Gate” gorge.

Here, hiking trails offer easy access to the main ridge and path to flowering valleys, gardens, along a soft grass blanket. The most interesting attraction of the Belianske Tatras is the Belianska karst cave.

In the protected area of ​​the Belianske Tatras, tender edelweiss, listed in the Red Book, grow, and the Tatra chamois also lives.

Tatras in Poland

The Tatras are like a gift from nature to lowland Poland. Fir and spruce forests grow on the slopes, there are about 30 mountain lakes, the most famous is Morskoe Oko. Among the fauna there are eagle owls, golden eagles, alpine marmot, chamois.


The most popular ski resort in the Polish Tatras is Zakopane. Thanks to mild snowy winters, good infrastructure and beautiful surroundings, Zakopane does not lack tourists either in winter or in summer. If in winter in Zakopane tourists go skiing and snowboarding, then in summer cycling and hiking are popular here. Also, folklore festivals and fairs are often held in Zakopane.

In memory of a pleasant vacation, tourists from here bring soft knitted clothes and handmade carpets from sheep’s wool. And all because on this territory the locals have been breeding sheep for centuries.

It is not in vain that Zakopane is called the city of museums, there are really enough of them here, for example, the Museum of Nature of the Tatra National Park and the Museum of Zakopane Style named after Stanislav Witkiewicz.

An interesting feature of Zakopane is the milk bars, some of which have been operating since the beginning of the last century. Here you can not only taste, but also buy dairy products made from milk from local farms.

If you have not been to the Tatras yet, an exciting journey awaits you. Don’t miss your chance to visit the “Little Alps”!

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